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  • Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Los Angeles
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  • Community Association Institute

About Us


The security concerns facing businesses today are more difficult and complex than ever before. Responding to these challenges requires many years of knowledge and experience in the security field. Western Area Security Services is an industry leader in providing skilled, effective, professional security services to Southern California businesses since 1987. Many of our clients are some of the region's largest employers and major corporations. We deploy security professionals to high-profile clients in a variety of industries, including commercial real estate, entertainment, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, university campuses, special events, and government services. We focus exclusively on the Southern California regional market, enabling our corporate managers to deliver the personalized customer service that many of our national competitors struggle to achieve.

Offering competitive wages, and an attractive benefits package enables us to attract and retain high quality employees for many years. In an industry with historically high turnover rates, more than 80% of our officers have been with us for over two years. The result for our clients is a well-trained and reliable security force that brings continuity and stability to their business operations year after year.

We regularly receive letters of commendation from satisfied clients and their customers regarding our services, and our officers are rewarded for their effectiveness with a variety of performance and service awards.

We pride ourselves in having established a track record of dependability, reliability and stability, as well as a history of consistent contract renewal, which is one of the best in the security industry.